The children of today are tomorrow’s adults. It is therefore important to educate them about ecology, environmental preservation as well as the opportunities of the green and social economy from an early age onwards so they will consider protecting our planet’s resources as part of their lifestyle choices. Pamela Peeters has worked with toddlers, children, adolescents and young adults. Her own signature “Eco Hero” brand serves as edutainment for children and introduces them to ethical and engaged citizenship.


“Give them a Voice”:  The international Eco Hero art challenge gives children from around the world a voice in the Climate Change debate. The best contributions are integrated in a “Wall of Fame” and are part of a traveling exhibition. The theme song to this campaign is called “Light to the World” and also functions as a PSA.

“Urban Jungle”: An international game where participating groups are challenged to identify nature elements present in cities. Each group gets a theme, operates within a time limit and creates a presentation. Currently in Belgium and the USA.

“Eco Hero Challenge”:For people (young and old) who are interested in changing their lifestyles to more sustainable levels, this is their campaign – more on



ADCAM Mara Vision school Kenya, After School-All Stars, American Institute of Architects, Antwerp Book Fair, Baruch College, Belgian Chamber of Commerce, Business and Professional Women’s Club (Gala for Belgian Chapter), Bohemian National Hall, Chelsea Art Museum, Children’s Museum of the Arts New York, Columbia University, Crosstalks VUB, Eco Metropolis Conference at CUNY, Envirodesign, Environmental Educational Advisory Council (EEAC), Environmental Media Association (EMA), European Parliament, EXKI NYC, Fashion Institute of Technology, Federal Council for Sustainable Development, Flanders House, GoGreen Expo, Green Festival, High School for Environmental Education, IUCN Brussels, Liberal Women Brussels, Luxury Marketing Council, Maerlant Atheneum Middelkerke, New York Energy Week, NOKIA, PRATT Institute, Ritz Carlton Bahrain, Royal Atheneum Keerbergen, Scraptacular, Spanish Chamber of Commerce, TESLA Motors Chelsea, UNIZO Limburg, VRT Belgium, We Are Paris Climate Initiative, Walter Reade Theater, Wild Jordan, Women Who Lunch,  World Environment Summit, just to name a few.



Pamela Peeters founded the Manhattan Chapter of the Business and Professional Women’s Club (BPW) in 2004. She ran the club for one year. In 2007 she developed the “Lotus Women” think tank and united women from different business areas through sustainability.



Pamela Peeters joined the Narwhal discoveries team to the northern tip of Baffin Island, Canada in August of 2015 and 2018. Under the leadership of Dr. Martin Nweeia DMD, DDS, a team of four experts joined forces in Pond Inlet, Nunavut to conduct innovative field research and community outreach. The expedition, “Narwhal Transformative Technologies”, is a collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution – Washington.

The local community, Inuit elders and hunters participated and contributed to the content for the upcoming Smithsonian exhibit, expressing their traditional knowledge in a changing Arctic environment to a world audience. Pamela was in charge of the community outreach and introduced her ECO HERO program to local youth, all while writing her second ECO HERO book.


Art is a powerful medium to explore and communicate (about) topics that are important to society. It is therefore an excellent tool that can be used for educational purposes. Pamela Peeters uses different artistic media such as photography, film, mixed media, paintings, clay and collage to explore the inroads to a sustainable planet all while sharing the generosity that our Earth Mother never ceases to bestow on humanity. Through workshop, participants can explore their relationship with their planet as well.

Exhibits include

  • “Become an Eco Hero” workshop, Kids Euro festival, USA, November 2020
  • “Eco Igloo Sanctuary” installation – Smithsonian Museum for Natural History, Washington, October 2019
  • Smithsonian Museum for Natural History for the “Narwhal, Revealing an Arctic Legend” exhibit, Washington 2017 – 2019
  • “Elements” showcase during “Sustainability Week NYC” – Assemblage – New York, 2018
  • Pop up “Elements” art gallery – International Pavillion for the 150th annniversary for Canada, Ottawa, 2017
  • “Love & Light” – Solo art Show – Sharon townhall, 2016
  • “Eco Hero Sanctuary”, art installation at the Children’s Museum of the Arts, 2016
  • “Eco Hero Lab” video series – USA, Canada, Belgium, 2015 –
    “Give them a Voice” art wall and “Elements” showcase at EXKI New York, 2014.
  • Pop up “Elements” art gallery at Ricoh, Manhattan, 2014
  • Pop up “Elements” art gallery at the “Green Festival”, Manhattan, 2013
  • “Elements” series – Ethical Fashion show – Manhattan, 2012
  • “After the Storm” – Private penthouse vernissage and Shamanic art installation during Art Basel Miami Beach – 2011
  • “Sustainable Planet” film festival – Belgium, USA, Jordan, Bahrain, 2005 – 2014
  • “Our Planet” TV – Manhattan Cable – 2001 – 2007
  • “Lotus Women” Mixed media exhibit – Durst Shashama gallery – Manhattan, 2005
  • “Seven Seasons” film – “Proximus” launch event at Tour & Taxis – Brussels – 2003
  • “Female Turbulence” art show – Aeroplastics Gallery, Brussels, 2003
  • “Seven Seasons film” – French Film Festival – Two Boots Theater – Manhattan, 2003
  • “Women in Power” Eyestorm Gallery – Manhattan, 2002


Pamela Peeters began her research initiatives twenty years ago in Belgium, testing the maturity of the consumer side of the automotive sector towards the integration of cleaner technologies. This was her introduction to her continuous research on changing production and consumption patterns towards more sustainable levels of operation.

Her numerous scientific papers, articles and short stories have been published in the USA and Europe. She looks forward to also conduct research for your organization.



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