The “Eco Hero” brand serves as edutainment for children. It gives kids an introduction into the importance of preserving our natural resources and how to restore imbalances within different ecosystems all while giving them an exploration into the opportunities of the green and social economy.

Currently Offering

  • The “Become an Eco Hero Workshop”
  • Art Competition
  • “Give them a Voice” campaign
  • Educational Programs
  • the #EcoHeroChallenge
  • #EcoHeroLab TV series
  • The Transformed by a Tusk graphic novel in three languages (English, French and Dutch)
  • Interactive website

In Preparation

  • Cartoon
  • Mobile APP
  • video game


Film Festival Image
“Sustainable Planet”™ is the international film festival that promotes sustainable development. Launched in 2005, it is the first platform where moviemakers meet with for-profit and non-profit organizations in order to watch movies and discuss sustainable solutions in an entertaining way. Our database contains more than 300 films from all the corners of the world and showcase community building efforts and/or environmental care. The festival has been produced in four countries so far.

10 years of production at the Walter Read theater, New York, USA Chelsea art museum, NewYork, USA Bohemian National Hall, New York, USA Gabarron Foundation, Carriage House, New York, USA American Institute of Architects, New York, USA Children’s Museum of the Arts, New York, USA Wild Jordan, Amman, Jordan Ritz Carlton Manama, Bahrain Flagey building for the  Federal Council for Sustainable Development, Brussels, Belgium Havenhuis for film festival of the port, Antwerp, Belgium Klappei movie house, Antwerp, Belgium
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Urban Ecology: is a bundle of 30 short stories that aims at increasing awareness of sustainability challenges and engagement in solutions by mainstream American audiences through 30 assignments.  (english and dutch)
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Eco Hero goes to Sweden (kids): “Eco Hero” is a little girl who travels the world solving environmental imbalances often caused by human pressure. In every book she visits a different country, makes new friends and solves the problem with this group.

In a first book, Eco Hero visits Sweden and will teach the reader more on sustainable development and interconnected lifestyles… the magical way! A second book “Eco Hero goes to Canada” is in preparation and will introduce a Narwhal and her Inuit friends. (available in english)
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How to become an Eco Hero (ages 11 and up) is a popular ecological manifesto that aims at inspiring the reader to analyze and question their current lifestyle all while receiving inroads into the green and social economy. Lots of fun facts, a presentation on the Eco Heroes of today and hands-on training. (dutch only)
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“Elements: a journey into the language of Mother Earth” : a compilation of 32 photographs serve as an introduction into the language of Mother Earth. The book gives The WISDOM card deck a voice to the four elements water, earth, soil and air and will reveal the omnipresence of Our Planet’s wisdom. This inspirational deck of 32 cards has been made available.
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Transformed by a Tusk Dive into an Arctic adventure with the magical Eco Hero and become a part of a 1000 year old legend that involves a Narwhal, an accomplished scientist and an Inuit community. The comic book was written in collaboration with Dr. Martin Nweeia, the leading Narwhal Tusk expert in the world.


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The online Sustainable Styles magazine is designed to inform and entertain an international readership on sustainable lifestyles solutions. It explores the wealth of communities, traditions, and current best practices. It also presents accountable patterns of production and consumption, leading to a more nurturing, holistic and conscious economy.
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Our Planet:
launched in 2001 – this format was the first tv show to promote sustainable lifestyles. A total of 200 episodes were produced and aired on local Manhattan Cable.

Styling the New World: a business format that introduces several parties from different cultures who have an interest in collaborating with each other in the green and social economy.

Sustainable Planet: a tv format that offers sustainable lifestyle stories in the categories: art, business, food, lifestyle, entertainment, wellbeing and eco-toursim.

In Preparation: Eco Hero Lab


The Sustainable Planet blog was launched in 2007 and represents the active sustainable lifestyle of Pamela Peeters through pictures and text.
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The “Our Sustainable Planet” Inspirational vignettes aired on NPR (National Public Radio). They empowered communities to shape a green and engaged society.

Past: weekly summer covers on Manhattan sustainable lifestyle stories with Dimitri Stuer on Radio 2