At the “Institute for a Sustainable Planet”, we believe that thriving ecosystems can be a reality. Our goal is to inspire our clients to invest in the well-being of our planet through the adoption of innovative solutions that increase the quality of economic, social and environmental life on earth. 

We deliver innovative strategies for a green and social economy so that the environment is preserved for generations to come. In order to achieve this, we train youth to become responsible stewards for our planet, we generate a conscious consumerism and we contribute to create responsible corporate leaders.

Our tools are: original research, educational campaigns, international business expansion, sustainable events, mindful games and conscious media products.




A weeklong event that motivates an international community to take a part in the development of a sustainable planet. The activities function as a catalyst towards the establishment of a dialogue beyond the traditional climate change debate. “Sustainability Week” generates a conscious consumerism and a more nurturing economic relationship with our planet. (already in New York and Belgium)



The “Sustainable Planet Film Festival” was launched in 2005 when Pamela Peeters was asked to join the marketing team of the US Partnerships for the UNESCO Decade for Sustainable Education. For more than ten years already, the festival showcases how sustainable development is translated by international communities and what the impacts are of a society out of tune with the well-being of the planet. 



The “Sustainable Steward” Gala was launched in 2007 as to award visionary agents of change for their efforts to promote and drive sustainable development either through a product, a project or a service. Some of the past laureates are Dr Jamie Lerner – urban planner and former Mayor of Curitiba, HRH Princess Basma Bint Ali from Jordan for spearheading a botanical garden in her nation, Susan Rockefeller – a creative conservationist and documentary filmmaker, Gaelin Rosenwaks – ocean explorer who researches the effects of climate change on marine life and Dr Martin Nweeia for his groundbreaking Narwhal research.



After producing and hosting the “Our Planet” tv series for 6 years, Pamela Peeters is currently preparing ten episodes of the “Sustainable Planet“ talkshow. A new series for kids is also in preparation, introducing them to sustainable lifestyles and environmental leadership. Stay tuned on the Sustainable Styles magazine for airing time.


Documentary Image

A first documentary was created in 2007 for the Belgian Secretary of State for Sustainable Development. A second short film project was completed for the European Parliament in that same year as part of the European Youth Media Days.
Since then, more than forty interviews have been generated during: the “Power of One” conference in Washington, the “Risk and Value creation Forum” at Nasa in San Francisco, and many experts for the Eco Hero Lab web series.
During four different expeditions in the Canadian High Arctic (2015, 2017 and two in 2023) films clips were produced for the purposes of the “Narwhal Revealing an Arctic Legend” exhibition from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and a new hybrid educational curriculum for Youth as a gift from the US Embassy in Ottawa to the Canadian people.
The “Institute for a Sustainable Planet” has also started the production of a documentary in Colombia with Indigenous people from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. (2022 – 2024)



The “Our Sustainable Planet”  radio segments are inspirational vignettes that empower the community to shape a green and social society. The messages that celebrate the work of visionaries in the field of Sustainable Development air every week on NPR. Tune in Friday, Saturday and Sunday on WHDD 91.9 FM – WBSL 91.7 FM and 1020 AM.